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Understand your body. An evidence led, personal approach to hormonal changes, bone health, and metabolic dysfunction.

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At my clinic I offer on-site blood tests for hormone levels as well as other medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disorder, cholesterol, vitamin and mineral profiling. I have access to the specialised Dexa Scanner to detect osteoporosis and provide detailed body composition looking at fat and muscle distribution. Treatments may involve sessions using the Bio Density bone loading therapy machine and powerplates.

Osteoporosis and the Menopause

Osteoporosis is a serious and often preventable health condition … Osteoporosis can cause fractures of the bones in the spine, result in back pain, loss of height and curvature of the spine as well as fractures of other bones, commonly the hip, pelvis and wrist resulting in significant impacts on quality of life in older years.

Diagnostic Scans and Tests

Bone Density Scan

A Dexa bone density scan will diagnose both osteoporosis and osteopenia.

This is a safe and quick way of measuring bone density with levels of radiation much less than a standard Xray. The Dexa scan will measure the density of both the spine and the hip and compares bone density with that of a healthy young adult.

Hormone Level Profiling

Your hormone levels will vary from day to day, but it can help with understanding what is happening to establish your approximate baseline levels before treatment and in the following months. Taken together with symptom tracking, this can be an effective way to understand how your body is responding to treatment and make adjustments.


Blood Tests

On-site, fast access to blood tests for many medical conditions including

  • Thyroid disorder
  • Cholesterol and lipid levels
  • Diabetes
  • Vitamin and mineral tests

Full Body Composition Scans 

Measuring bone, fat and muscle content together with fat distribution in and around organs.

The Fibro Scanner checks for fat in the liver and liver health, diagnosing the early stages of liver disease.