Proactive treatments based on knowledge.

Feel confident that your treatment plan targets your symptoms and your future health.

Early treatment can dramatically improve your future health.

Personal to you – with clear metrics to monitor progression.

I believe in a proactive approach to healthcare. We are living longer – it is even more important to treat conditions before they develop further – and take actions to help you to feel well, enjoying life now, as well as improving your future quality of life. 

Proactive treatments

Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT)

Benefit from a thorough evaluation that can include a hormonal panel of blood tests including testosterone levels and, if required, a physical examination, ensuring a tailored approach to managing your menopause symptoms.

Gain insights into your hormone levels and treatment options to make informed choices about your menopause journey.

Continuous monitoring and adjustment of HRT based on follow-up assessments to ensure optimal hormone balance and alleviation of symptoms.

Veozah - a Non-Hormonal Alternative to HRT

Veozah (Fezolinetant) is a very exciting and game changing new, non-hormonal treatment for women with moderate to severe hot flushes and sweats (vasomotor symptoms) caused by the menopause.
Hot flushes and sweats are extremely common around the time of the menopause and, for some women, can have a devastating impact on quality of life and ability to sleep. Although, for most women, hot flushes and sweats do eventually settle in time, there are a significant number of women who continue to experience symptoms throughout their entire post menopausal life.
HRT is an extremely effective treatment for hot flushes and sweats but not all women can or wish to take hormonal treatment or are taking hormone blockers to treat conditions such as breast cancer and endometriosis.
Veozah works at what is thought to be the source of the problem by blocking a neurotransmitter in the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls temperature regulation) and has been shown to be effective in clinical trials at reducing hot flushes and night sweats by around 63%. Veozah is a once daily medication, currently only available on a private prescription (although hopefully this will change in the future) and requires blood tests to monitor liver enzymes before and during initial treatment. It was approved for use in USA last May and has just been given the green light by the MHRA in the UK following very careful consideration of it’s safety and effectiveness.
Further information can be found on the company website ( or by booking an appointment to discuss this further at my menopause clinic (

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement has become increasingly popular over the past 2 years with many women using it alongside their HRT.  Levels of testosterone tend to gradually decrease in women from the age of 40 or even earlier and can particularly impact women who have had an early menopause due to medical treatment such as the ovaries being surgically removed.

Low levels can be associated with a reduction in libido and ability to respond to sexual stimulus, which can have a significant impact on relationships although there are often multiple different factors affecting sex drive, which should be explored properly prior to treatment.

The aim of testosterone replacement is to use low doses of testosterone to allow women to achieve levels within the normal female range and therefore avoid any side effects related to higher than usual levels. In order to ensure the levels are not too high testosterone blood tests are required to be taken before treatment, at 6-12 weeks, at 6 months and then annually.

This treatment, although in widespread use, is currently off license in the UK and usually requires women to take a very low dose of a male testosterone product in the form of a gel with the only female testosterone product (androfem) being available from online pharmacies who import it from Australia.

There is no evidence from current clinical trials that testosterone replacement treats anything other than low libido although, in my experience, some women do report an improvement in energy levels, muscle strength and brain fog.

These symptoms, however usually improve with adequate oestrogen and it is important to ensure that HRT is being used effectively prior to consideration of testosterone replacement.

It is also recommended that any response to testosterone treatment be evaluated at 6 months and that testosterone is discontinued if there has not been any improvement.

Please feel free to book an appointment if you wish to discuss whether testosterone replacement may be of benefit to you or to look at other causes of reduction in libido.

Bio Density Machine Therapy

Bone-load therapy offered as an alternative to high-impact exercise, to improve strength, balance and posture.

Offered to anyone wishing to optimise their bone and muscle health and improve strength, balance and posture. Effective for  pre, peri and post-menopausal women.

Used in conjunction with Power Plate Vibration Therapy to aid muscle and bone strengthening and improve balance.

Everything we do is data-driven and every client will be sent an individualised summary following each session on exactly how much force has been generated through the four body areas.

Endocrinology Specialist Referral

If your bone density scan confirms osteoporosis I can refer you to the clinic Consultant Endocrinologist, Dr Afroze Abbas, for specialist treatment.